Why to choose Komplex® Smart RFID System?

  • The minimum lifetime of data stored in a Smart Marker is 50 years
  • Creating of a custom text information for each Smart Marker
  • You can edit all data on your underground networks from the comfort of your office or home
  • Built-in GPS module in each Smart Marker Locator
  • Acoustic GPS navigation
  • Display of Smart Markers in the Google Maps® environment
  • Advanced processing and archiving of all data on your underground networks in the unique Marker Database® software
  • Keeping your data in the Cloud database
  • Secure data sharing with your partners using the Marker Database® web service


Smart marker locator SML xxx

SML is a portable device designed for precise and fast localization and detection of all analog markers and Smart Markers .

SML is a portable device designed for precise and rapid search and detection of analog markers and Smart Markers with ID number. A built-in GPS module in the locator significantly reduces the time required to determine the marker's location.
SML stores data about individual markers directly to its internal memory. Using a virtual keyboard it is possible to generate text information about every marker. SML also allows to measure an approximate depth of a marker.
The SML Locator can be connected to your PC using a USB cable and transmit such data to the unique Marker Database® software.

Technical Specification Of Smart Marker Locator SML xxx
Operating temperature -20 ºC to +60 ºC
Storage temperature -20 ºC to +60 ºC
Accuracy of marker depth measurement +/- 10 % up to marker specification
GPS navigation YES, inbuilt GPS module
Operating frequency SML G1 – 83,0kHz
SML T1 – 101,4kHz
SML S1 – 121,6kHz
SML E1 – 139kHz
SML W1 – 145,7kHz
Size  (height x width x depth) 225 x 240 x 210 mm
Device's weight with antenna Max. 4 kg
Capacity of device's internal rewritable memory 8000 marker records
Display type Backlight LCD screen, 4 x 20 digits
Communication with PC USB cable
Battery life 45 working hours
Primary battery cells, voltage 1,5 V
IEC R 14
10 pcs.