Marker Database®

Marker Database® PC software

Marker Database® PC Software is a globally unique software for your markers. It allows the best way of managing and processing data about your underground networks.

It enables you the following advantages:

  • Editing and management of data about your underground networks and markers
  • Sharing data about your underground networks and markers with your partners around the world
  • Exporting data to the SHP format for GIS systems
  • Compatibility with MS EXCEL
  • Viewing markers and underground networks in the Google Maps® environment
  • Printing data

Marker Database® mobile application

Marker Database® mobile application is the first application in the world that will allow you to find the location of your underground network using your mobile phone!

It provides the following features:

  • Data transfer between your mobile phone and the Web server
  • On-site editing of the data about your routes and markers
  • Viewing the marker routes on a map
  • GPS navigation to the requested marker using your smart phone



Marker Database      

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