RFID Smart Marker

Why to choose Komplex® Smart RFID System?

  • The minimum lifetime of data stored in a Smart Marker is 50 years
  • Generation of a custom text information for each Smart Marker
  • You can edit all data on your underground networks from the comfort of your office or home
  • Built-in GPS module in each Smart Marker Locator
  • Acoustic GPS navigation
  • Display of Smart Markers in the Google Maps® environment
  • Advanced processing and archiving of all data on your underground networks in the unique Marker Database® software
  • Keeping your data in the Cloud database 
  • Secure data sharing with your partners using the Marker Database® web service


MiM Smart Marker 120

MiM Smart Marker 120 Represents the last type of ID marker developed in Komplex company. This marker was especially designed for exact and clear marking and detection of all strategic points of the underground facilities which are located in less depth or narrow trenches.
The serial ID number of the MiM Smart Marker 120 provides the 100% correct identification of each point of the underground facility where the MiM Smart Marker 120 is installed.

MiM Smart Marker 120 is used mainly for marking of the strategic points of the underground facility such:
• Connections, couplings
• Crossing with another network
• Change of direction
• Change of depth
• Concurrence of several networks
• etc.

All MiM Smart Marker 120 are visible in the PC software Marker Database® and also in the mobile phone in the Marker Database® application.

Technical parameters MiM Smart Marker 120
Working frequency (kHz) 83.0, 101.4, 121.6, 134.0, 145.7, 169.8
Casing material High Density PS
Dimensions Diameter x Height 119 x 33 mm
Weight Max. 116g
ID serial number YES 10 digits hexadecimal unique code
Reading range Up to 1,0 m (3,28ft)
Working temperature -20 °C +60 °C
Life time 50 years


Smart Marker SM1500

Smart Marker SM1500 is a passive electrical device with a unique ID number.
It is intended for the permanent unique identification of a selected point under the ground. The SM 1500 Smart Marker provides the best and most accurate method of marking and retrieving the location of underground line structures such as:

• Optical and telecommunication cables
• Power cables
• Water pipelines
• Sewage pipelines
• Gas Pipelines
• Non potable water pipelines

Smart Marker SM1500 is placed underground during construction or repairs, above a line structure point which it identifies. A pre-set serial ID number of each SM1500 Smart Marker provides accurate, clear and unambiguous identification of any significant point of a line structure (joint intersection with another network, branching etc.)
Every SM 1500 Smart Marker can be located quickly and easily at a later time using the SML Locator. A built-in GPS module in each SML Locator significantly speeds up finding the location of each SM1500 Smart Marker. The SML Locator generates the following information about each Smart Markers located:

• GPS coordinates of the Smart Marker´s location
• User text information about the Smart Marker
• Serial number

Technical Specification Of Smart Marker SM1500
Operating frequency (kHz) 83.0, 101.4, 121.6, 134.0, 145.7, 169.8
Outer housing material High Density PS
Dimensions Diameter x Height   225 x 28 mm
Weight Max. 300 g (0,66lb)
Identification number ID 10 digits in hexadecimal code
Marker read range 1,7 m (5,58ft)
Operating temperature -20 oC to +60 oC
Lifetime 50 years



Types of underground line structures and the corresponding marker frequencies

Operating frequency Type of device Color of marker Type of Marker locator
83,0 kHz Gas pipelines SML G
101,4 kHz Telecommunication cables SML T
121,6 kHz Sewage pipelines SML S
134,0 kHz, 169,8 kHz Energy cables SML E
145,7 kHz Water pipelines SML W